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Britain's World, July 2024. How should Britain shape NATO under a new government?


CapX, July 2024, Labour isn’t taking foreign policy seriously.


The Critic, June 2024, Guardrails of civilisation: If politics is downstream from culture, culture is downstream from the campus

Thinking Class Podcast, June 2024, Net Zero, decolonisation and the future of British politics. 


Danube Institute, May 2024, Confronting Ideologies: Decolonisation and the Future of Western Institutions.


The Critic, April 2024, Slavery did not create Britain’s wealth.


Australian Institute of Public Affairs, April 2024, Interviewed by Senior Fellow John Roskam


Trend Following Radio, March 2024, interviewed by Michael Covel

Daily Express, February 2024, Time to bring Canada into the UK's nuclear submarine pact with the US and Australia


History Reclaimed, January 2024, In Defence of History Reclaimed. 


De-Programmed, December 2023, Anti-Western Derangement, the EU, NATO and China. 


Free Speech Union, November 2023. Live 'SpeakEasy' event.

Mail on Sunday, October 2023, Smug celebrities and the virtue-signalling Left are the biggest threat to Western civilisation. 


Spiked Online 'Long Read', October 2023, The Dangers of Decolonisation. 


Triggernometry Podcast, October 2023, The West’s Struggle With Reality. 


The Equiano Project Podcast, October 2023, Decolonisation Theories and the Future of the West 

Lotus Eaters, September 2023, Book Club #57 | Doug Stokes’ Against Decolonisation

Freedom Pact Podcast, September 2023. Are The New Cultural Elites Destroying The West?

The Current Thing Podcast, September 2023. Podcast conversation on my new book. Spotify link. 

The New Culture Forum, September 2023. Interview on my new book, Culture Wars & The Decline of the West.

Unherd, August 2023, Why Has Looting Returned to London? 

British Thought Leaders, June 2023, Discussing Academic Freedom and Geopolitics.

UnHerd, March 2023, The Myth of America's Imperial Decline.


Talk TV, Discussing illiberalism across UK campuses. 


Spiked, January 2023, How the Culture War Went Global. 


GB news interview discussing China and US security strategy 

GB news interview discussing Academic freedom.


Spectator USA, May 2022, America’s ‘techwokery’ is infecting its allies.

Daily Telegraph, March 2022, Cancelling David Livingstone is the epitome of woke overreach

Interview with John Anderson, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. The decline of the Liberal Global Order 

Daily Telegraph, October 2021If William Pitt Falls, No Figure in History is Safe.

Interview, The New Culture Forum. Academic freedom and the Geopolitics of Brexit. 


Conservative Home, June 2021, Woke and Its Consequences: As Power Shifts from the West, Who Will Carry the Torch for Freedom? 

Daily Telegraph, June 2021, The Woke Onslaught is a War on the West Itself. 

The Council on Geo-Strategy, June 2021, How 'Progressive' Anti-Imperialism Threatens the United Kingdom.

The Critic, June 2021, The Problem With Reporting Ethnic Pay Gaps. 


The Critic, May 2021, Poor white men and Labour’s identity trap. 

Higher Education Policy Institute, March 2021, Decolonisation is a Welcome Contribution, but Must Not Be Enforced.

Don't Divide Us, December 2020, Tackling Racial Harassment in Higher Education — A Response from Don’t Divide Us

ConservativeHome, October 2020, We need urgent action to help pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds get into university.

ConservativeHome, September 2020, The Conservatives must rally to the flag of the Enlightenment tradition as the culture wars rage.

The Critic, September / October 2020, The Campus Grievance Industry

The Critic, June 2020. Britain’s Dangerous Moment. 


The Times, May 2020. Trump’s anti-China policy leaves the UK vulnerable

Reaction, April 2020. Will Coronavirus split the world into two regional blocs, with Britain as a province of US?


H-Diplo, March 2020. Hegemony Studies 3.0: The Dynamics of Hegemonic Order

Quillette, February 2020. The Misguided Moral Panic About Racism in British Universities

Daily Telegraph, December 2019. Merging DfID into the Foreign Office would be a bold leap for Global Britain


Le Point, March 2019. Universités britanniques : l'obsession de la décolonisation

Quillette, March 2019. Forget About Decolonizing the Curriculum. We Need to Restore the West’s Telos Before it’s Too Late.


The Spectator, February 2019. Universities should resist calls to ‘decolonise the curriculum'


The Diplomat, August 2017. Trump’s Bilateralism and US Power in East Asia

Think Tank Pieces

Legatum Institute, February 2024. From AUKUS to CAUKUS:  The Case for  Canadian Integration. Foreword by former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot AC. Media coverage in The Times, Politico, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Express. Endorsed by Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and Stephen Harper. Referenced by Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron and Defence Secretary Grant Shapps. 


Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC). September, 2023. The Green Gamble: The Geopolitics of Net Zero.

Council on Geostrategy, 2021. How ‘progressive’ anti-imperialism threatens the United Kingdom. Foreword Andrew Bowie, MP. 

Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). 2014. Bridging the Gulf? America's 'Pivot' and the Middle East Challenge it Poses for the UK's Strategic Defence and Security Review with Lt Gen Sir Paul Newton KBE CBE.

Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). 2013. Goodbye America?: Transatlantic Grand Strategy after the Financial Crisis. 


Academic writing



US Foreign Policy (Oxford University Press). 


New book: Against Decolonisation: The Campus Culture Wars and the Decline of the West (Polity Press). 


Stokes D, Raphael S (2022). Energy Security in the Age of Terror. In Collins A (Ed) Contemporary Security Studies, OUP Oxford. Abstract.


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Stansfield G, Stokes D, Kelly S (2018). UK strategy in the gulf and middle east after American retrenchment. Insight Turkey, 20(4), 231-247. 

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Stokes D, Waterman K (2017). Beyond balancing? Intrastate conflict and US grand strategy. Journal of Strategic Studies, 41(6), 824-849.  

Stokes D, Waterman K (2017). Security leverage, structural power and US strategy in East Asia. International Affairs, 93(5), 1039-1060. 



Stokes D (2014). Achilles’ deal: Dollar decline and US grand strategy after the crisis. Review of International Political Economy, 21(5), 1071-1094. AbstractDOI

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Stokes D, Whitman R (2013). Transatlantic Triage? European and UK ‘Grand Strategy’ after the US Rebalance to Asia. International Affairs


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Stokes D (2001). Better lead than bread? a Critical Analysis of the US’s Plan Colombia. Civil Wars, 2, 59-78.

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